A Corporate and Socially Responsible Event
with a 20-year History

Employees and colleagues of diverse companies unite in friendship and solidarity, becoming team players for group challenges, with a variety of highly engaging sports and/or activities.

Since it began 20 years ago, Trophée DESMAN has been creating strong relationships between people, employees and corporations.

A European Event which gathers Corporate Teams
Empowerment - Cooperation - Conversation

Trophée DESMAN develops relationships between companies, empowers the teams, increases employee engagement and promotes cooperation.

Proven inviting approach that is rewarding for all, placing people as a major concern.

Participation in the DESMAN Trophy is a unique experience for each company.

It is an ideal way to develop team building and cohesion, cultivate the feeling of belonging, make lasting and meaningful relationships with other companies, animate a healthy group dynamic (before, during and after the gathering), communicate a positive company image and promote CSR, motivate new talent to join your company, bring the benefits of sport and its values into your company.

Companies use their participation to bring their transnational teams together, creating strong ties.

Open to all of your employees

There are various groups and sport levels which make the challenges physically accessible for everyone.

Participation in Trophée DESMAN is accessible to all of your employees.

Competition events are designed with different sport levels and different tracks to make the challenge physically accessible for all your employees.

Separate rankings are organized for each group level.

Safety First - Authentic Hospitality - Friendly Environment

Safety is our top priority. A constant concern for the highest safety levels, very comfortable accommodation (4* hotels), full-service buffet provided in the evening, spa sessions and wellness circuit at the thermal baths for muscular recovery: participants feel confident and relaxed.

Ideal conditions to combine team cohesion, great relationships, sports values and employee well-being.

Bringing the benefits of sport into your company

Trophée DESMAN encourages the regular practice of physical and sports activities.

For a positive impact on the health and energy of your employees.

Many studies on the subject demonstrate productivity gains and benefits for employees and companies.

Proven Track Record

It combines a variety of activities, including sports, the arts (i.e. photo contest / video contest) and "mood-boosting" exercises.

Team building and cohesion happen organically.

People come together to work toward a common goal: success.

Each teammate commits personally doing their personal best and going above and beyond for their team.

Documented impact on your employees' sense of worth and commitment to the company.

The testimonies are evidence that our method is legitimate and effective.

This team building translates into your employees working more effectively together in their daily, professional work environments.

The Challenge

Five competitive teamwork events

  • Orienteering hiking
  • Photo Contest
  • Running relay race
  • Nautical Race
  • Video contest

The rules of the game are well thought out in advance, with referees present to reinforce them fairly and ensure an enjoyable experience.

Hiking with orienteering

photo contest

Cross-country Relay Run


The Teams :

One team= 6 people = 5 participants + 1 assistant.

The assistant is able to replace one of his/her teammates if the team wishes to do so.

Each company can register one or several teams (from 1 to 5).

Different companies can be on the same team together.

Co-ed or all female teams are given bonus points to ensure fair advantage.

Each team has a captain who carries out all leadership duties.

"Fans" may attend, though are not allowed to participate in their team's events.

Time Savings : a Ready-made Package

Every team handles its own transport and sports clothes; we manage all the rest.

Accommodation and catering, as well as the necessary equipment for specific events, are provided.

Because we want you to get the most out of your investment, we share best practices based on the experience of companies that have already participated successfully.

We offer support leading up to, during, and in follow-up to the event to make sure all your goals and expectations are met.

Our organized support team will help ensure smooth operations, allowing your company to gain the most from the experience.

Managerial and Internal Communications

Working better together

Consider the following goals as you are making your teams:

Sparking dialogue between different offices, sites, and services, (interdepartmental relationships)

Bring together employees based at a geographical distance from each other: teleworkers, international subsidiaries, regional agencies,...

Bringing company management and employees closer together

Integrating new hires

Boosting team effort for group projects

And many other benefits for HR based on your own goals

To develop team spirit

Conviviality and comfort

the DESMAN Trophy allows teams to cooperate

An event reserved for companies and agencies

Complicity and solidarity

to define a strategy

To create team spirit

A Playful Approach to Team Building

Participation in Trophée DESMAN causes team members to come together, cooperate, trust one another, and strategize, spontaneously leading to successful group problem-solving.

All the events of the challenge are based on the notion of Team work

Team building

The « relay » passage

An ideal way to develop cohesion

Communal Team work

Pride of Company Belonging

Team members proudly wear the colours of their company alongside all other participating companies.

They develop a feeling of belonging in sharing their company’s culture.

The teams introduce themselves, their companies and present their specific professional expertise.

to share the corporate culture

Team members proudly wear the colours of their company

Team members proudly wear the colours of their company

Team members proudly wear the colours of their company

Team members proudly wear the colours of their company

Team members proudly wear the colours of their company

to share the corporate culture

Team members proudly wear the colours of their company

Team members proudly wear the colours of their company

Sport and Business: Shared Values
Taking the experiences of the team back to everyday professional life

The participants develop team spirit, cooperation, trust, team work, mutual understanding, courage, solidarity in their efforts, adaptation to different environments, respect for others.

Delight your Employees – In a pristine natural setting

The beauty of the scenery and the magic of the Pyrénées and sharing exhilarating sensations outside of the everyday context facilitate a return to traditional values

A Positive, Dynamic Company Image

Your company shows up. Your teams wear your colors Communicate your team's commitment to :

‒ implementing Corporate Social Responsibility and promoting ethical and social concerns

‒ spreading company’s employer brand and attracting new talent

‒ prioritizing engagement in media and in external relations

Several interactions implemented by your company’s participation in Trophée DESMAN could be organically related to a CSR approach.

Within the company, participation impacts CSR indicators : social links, ethical values, well-being and development of employees, benefits of sport into your company, innovative managerial practices, ...

Related to external communications, participation in Trophée DESMAN communicates a positive, dynamic company image. You have the option to communicate commitment of your teams to promote social and environmental concerns of your company (social networks, media , press ,...)

Thanks to the ethical and sporting values that are transmitted, the Trophée DESMAN can be an excellent way to make attractive and shine the employer brand belonging to the participating companies, both on a rational and emotional level.

Communication potential around the implication of the teams, as well as the participation in the Trophée DESMAN, is a real opportunity to make the employer brand alive in a dynamic way, with a concrete action.

It can allow to create a genuine link with future talents.

For future applicants, the Trophée DESMAN’s values can make the difference at the moment of the final choice.

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